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U3Games 26.02.2017 14:29

[WTS] L2JMods Engine

L2JMods is a professional Lineage II Java Mod Engine, fully written in Java.

To activate it, you do not need to change anything (CORE/DATA). Just import L2JMods.jar library, activate it in scripts (custom/L2JMods/L2JModsStarter.java) and edit properties.

  • [PROTECTION] Anti Dran Mob.
  • [PROTECTION] Captcha System.
  • [PROTECTION] Over Enchant Protection.
  • [PROTECTION] Chat Filter.
  • [EVENT] Custom Spawn Raid Boss.
  • [EVENT] Kill Champion Rewards.
  • [EVENT] Kill Mobs Rewards.
  • [EVENT] Player Online Reward.
  • [MOD] Premium Services.

And more...!!!

More info: http://l2jdevs.united-extreme.com

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