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The work on our TERA Emulator began somewhere during June 2012. In this thread, we'll try to keep you up to date with what has been done and what still needs to be done. Keep an eye!

I'm non-colored. I'm done!
I'm red... I'm not yet done.

Features related to Characters

Status is implemented:
- Every stats are supported. (Health, Mana, Attack, Defense... etc.)
- Abnormals (friendly buffs, weakening effects...) are supported.

Players Features on Status
- Stamina is supported.
- Combat stance is implemented. Your character enters in combat stance as soon as a fight is engaged - and gets out of it after a set period of time while combat is still going on, or, right away whenever all enemies were defeated.
- Falling damages are implemented. Your character will receive damages after a high fall.
- Charms are implemented.

Features related to Playable Characters
- Character creation is done at 100%. Any race, class and gender can be created, with any custom adjustments.
- Character templates are done at 100% (base stats/skills/items and "learn-able skills" list) are all done, for all races, all classes.
- Prologue has not yet been done. You start right away at the Island of Dawn.
- Duel System is implemented.
- Trade System is implemented.
- Friend System is implemented.
- Block System is implemented.
- Inspecting players is possible.

Guild System is partially implemented:
- Creating a guild is supported.
- Emblems are supported.
- Inviting members is supported.
- Chatting in the guild chat is supported.
- Kicking members is supported.
- Giving the leadership is supported.
- Setting a Message of the Day, Guild Title and Guild AD is supported.

There are still a few things we've got to do there:
- Guild Wars.
- Guild Leveling.
- Guild History.
- Guild Bank & Guild Bank Log.
- Guild Applications.

- Deathmatchs are not yet supported.

Chatting is possible
- General Chat, Area, Party and Global Chats are supported.
- Whispers are supported.

Group/Party System is partially implemented
- Creating a group is possible and any information related to party members is properly shown. (their position, HP/MP, class, buffs...)
- XP, Loots and Quest Kills are shared between party members.
- Kicking members is possible, however, the kick poll system is not yet implemented. The leader can kick away whoever he likes, whenever he wants.
- Changing the Group Leader is supported.
- Loot Rules are supported, changing them as well, however, the loot-rule change poll system is not yet implemented. The leader can change the loot rules whenever he wants.
- Dice Roll System is implemented.

Features related to World
- Channels are not yet supported.
- Regions spawn-points are done for every maps inside Arun, Northern and Southern Shara.
- Dungeons are not yet supported.
- Battlegrounds are not yet supported.
- Knownlists are done. (you can see surrounding characters)
- Moving from map to map is supported.

Climbing is implemented:
- Climbing is possible.
- Climb points are done over the whole world.

Zones are implemented:
- Every zones "shapes" are done. That means, for example, if you're standing in Velika, the server knows either you're in the Valkyon Federation Headquarters... or in the Freedom Plaza, or...
- Zones in which players cant be attacked (peace zones) are supported.
- Zones in which players can be attacked (non peace zones) are supported.
- No-mount zones are supported.

Campfires are implemented:
- Campfires found on the camps are done over the whole world.
- Campfires can also be spawned by players.

Pegasuses are implemented:
- Every existent flights templates are done. (flight duration, flight paths positions…)
- The dragon is used instead of the pegasus when taking a flight from any of the Flight Master in Northern Shara.
- Logout handling is done. Upon logging back in your character continues the flight where it was when you logged out.

Features related to Skills
- Real combat targeting system implemented.

All skills templates has been done:
- The server knows every single skill power, cool-down, MP/HP consumption, movements, "hit angles"...
– The server knows where exactly is your toon while you're casting skills.

Most of the skills are working:
- General skills, lock-on skills, charges, projectiles, summons, traps... are implemented.
- Even though most of the skills are supported, some more work is required to get them all working as intended.

All abnormals templates has been done:
- The server knows every single "buff/debuff" effect.
- Even though most of the abnormals are supported, some more work is required to support all of them.

Features related to Items
- Inventory is fully supported. (equipping items, equipping crystals on weapons/armors, moving items in the inventory, destroying them….)
- Templates are done for all existent items.
- Every equipment can be equipped.
- Every equipment have their data completely done. (Atk/Defense/Impact/Balance modifiers, default passives effects, enchant passive effects, random(s) passive effects, enchant levels, restrictions…)
- Soulbinding implemented for the items that apply.
- Enchanting implemented for the items that apply.
- Identifying implemented for the items that apply.
- Use-able items (such as potions, charms, teleport scrolls…) are supported.
- Crystals are supported, however, their effects aren't yet.

Features related to NPCs
- Every existent NPC templates has been done (Type, Gender, Race, Scale, Level, Speed…).
Even though most the data has been done, for certain templates, we are still missing few things – such as Defense and Attack (for every templates), Health (for a very few templates) as well as Experience Points and Money (for Monsters).

- Talking to Citizens is possible.
- Citizens knows which quest(s) to give you, over the whole world.

Merchants are implemented.
- Reputation Merchants are not yet done.
- Purchasing and selling items is possible.
- Every Merchant knows which items to sell.

Teachers are implemented:
- Learning skills is possible.
- Every Teachers knows which classes they're supposed to teach skills to.

Flight Masters are implemented:
- Flying around the world is possible.
- Every Flight Masters knows which flights to deliver.
- Flight Masters does not yet know which level is required to take a flight.

Teleporters are implemented:
- Teleporting from a town to an hunting zone is possible.
- Every Teleporters knows which teleports to deliver.
- Teleporters does not yet know if you've already been in a camp before allowing you to teleport there.

Bankers are partially implemented:
- Banking is possible.
- Mailing is not yet possible.

- Clerics and Noble Clerics are implemented.
- Dye Merchants are implemented - and dying (changing equipment colors) items is possible.
- Remodelers are implemented and remodeling (changing equipment appearance) items is possible.
- Appearance Restorers are implemented and resetting an equipment customization is possible.
- Forges, Sewing Tables and Alembics are implemented.
- Teleportals are not yet supported.
- Trade Brokers are not yet supported.

- A basic AI has been implemented. Our monsters will be getting smarter over the time – they just need practice!

Loot system is implemented:
- Every monsters drop data is done. The chances and quantities likely requires tweaks.
- Loots are protected and can only be picked up by their respective owner(s). After a certain period of time, loots gets unprotected and become pick-able by anyone.
- Loots are removed from the world after a certain period of time.

- Every spawns in the Island of Dawn, Arun, Southern and Northern Shara are done. (we only miss dungeons and quest-related spawns!)

Features related to Quests

Quest Engine has been implemented:
- Every NPCs knows which quest to give you.
- Any quest can be started - and most of the quests can be completed without issue.
- Quests states and quest tasks state are saved to and restored from the database.

Quests Restrictions are implemented:
- You may only start a quest if its parent one has been completed.
- You must have the appropriate level/class.

Quests Rewards are implemented:
- Every quest knows which reward to give you. (EXP, Gold, Items...)
- Reward handling for the quests giving you Experience Points and Gold is done.
- Reward handling for the quests giving you Reputation Credits/Experience is not yet done.
- Reward handing for the quests giving you item(s) is done.
- Reward handling for the quests giving you item(s) based on your class is done.
- Reward handling for the quests giving you the possibility to pick one between several items is done.

Most of the quests are now working:
- Tasks requiring you to meet a NPC are supported and done for every existent quests.
- Tasks requiring you to meet several NPCs in a single "quest step" are not yet supported.
- Tasks requiring you to kill one or several monsters are supported and done for every existent quests.
- Tasks requiring you to learn skills are supported.
- Tasks requiring you to gather are supported.
- Tasks requiring you to fill-up your stamina are supported.
- Tasks requiring you to use an item are supported.
- Tasks in which you're supposed to meet an NPC that only your toon can see are not yet supported.
- Tasks requiring you to craft an item are not yet supported.
- Tasks supposed to give you an item currently do not give you anything.
- Tasks requiring you to enter in a zone are not yet supported.
- Tasks displaying videos are supported.
- Tasks requiring you to protect/escort an NPC are not yet supported.
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