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Аватар для TieLay

Автор темы (Топик Стартер) Tera Up to date EMU Server Files

Собственно на RageZone P5yl0 разместил свой допил эмулятора сервера под TERA.

New Version
-Fixed the Item,Skills guild Saving (say thnx to uebari)
-Added back the Informer & InformerLib
-Added Tools (DCTools,LauncherHexEditor etc...)
-Added Serverlist to /www/ (DE,EN,FR)
launcher now works correct missed before FR list so game didnt start when you choosed French language
-added xml configs for server,database & network in /build/configs/
-latest data files in /data/ (so far i know)
-added "isGM" to database
-added commands.txt (admin & user commands to use)

-compiled version in /build/
-server source in /Tera_Emulator_Source/
-launcher source in /Tera_Launcher_Source
-Server2Go WebServer for database
-txt file with Torrent download link for Client Revision 1725 (open client-download.txt > put link in your browser)

how to run:
1. run_server2go.bat (for WebServer)
2. run_gameserver.bat (for GameServer)
3. unzip TeraLauncher.rar to your Tera Game Folder
4. run with TeraLauncher.exe (not Tera-Launcher.exe its the official launcher wont work!)
5. user: admin password: test > Login Button > Play Button
6. have fun!

Adding a new user:

Adding GM to a new user:
user: root password: PASSWORD
2. select: database tera , table accounts
3. edit isGM for needed account to "1"

Download Link:

sry.. forgot to rename Gameserver start file..in .batch
edit run_gameserver.bat with notepad
edit the line to: start gameserver.exe
or start the server manually gameserver.exe in build folder...

you need open ports for:
80, 443 and 3306 apache and mysql (web & database)
11101 gameserver
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