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Прошёл только день и уже после дня игры, я вижу:

Lineage II: Valiance Anouncement

So, as you might have seen today, we’ve announced the title and logo for our newest content expansion. Lineage II: Valiance will be coming soon.

After Lindvior’s attack, an uneasy calm has descended upon Aden, as if Shilen has paused for a moment in her quest for destruction. But old threats will soon resurface and battles long thought won will begin anew. Players deep into the game will find themselves faced with new challenges and experiences that will push their skills and dedication to the limit.

A few highlights coming with Valiance include:

Updated Zone – Hellbound returns with upgraded areas and new hunting parties
Skill System – Along with more than 25 new skills added to the game, players will find that a large number of skills have been improved and/or modified. Along with that, the entire Skill System has undergone a major overhaul
Abilities – New to Lineage II, an abilities system allows players customize their skills, making them more powerful and effective
Returning Raid Bosses – Some popular bosses from Lineage II’s past will return to the world of Aden
We’ll have more information coming soon, so keep checking the site for more information in the days and weeks ahead.

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Выделенное - это не то что было на скрине у Васек? О.О
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