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Автор темы (Топик Стартер) Re: L2 Updater / Launcher [w/ or w/o Source] w/ Splash Screen + Leak Protection

Is your server using Lameguard or other protection methods? Read below to see how you will protect your server completelly.

From July 12th, when I will have more free time, I will need some testers for a new version of my Launcher.
This new version will encrypt some files and do some other geek stuff, so that the player will be able to use ONLY
the Launcher in order to log in to the respective server(and not the l2.exe or l2.bin or l2_yo_mamma_is_so_fat_it_takes_24h_to_make_a_compl ete_self_orbit.exe).

Supported Chronicles: High Five and above

How the test will work: You'll send me your system folder, I do what I have to do, i send you the Launcher(Demo Mode) and you see-
if you can login to the server in any other way, except from starting the Launcher.

What will the testers gain from that? 30% discount if they decide to purchase the Launcher in the future Or 30% discount for another person who wants to purchase the Launcher.

What will I get if I purchase the New Launcher? A compiled version of my current Launchers with any Template you wish that makes the start of the Lineage Client
impossible unless you start it with the Launcher.

Can I purchase the source of the New Launcher with the encryption method? That depends on many factors, it is better to be discussed via skype or PMs
since I cannot trust my work in greedy hands.

skype: rs.project
email: project.redseal@gmail.com

skype: rs.project

emaail: project.redseal@gmail.com

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