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Автор темы (Топик Стартер) i3PackTool with additional features

this is just a copied tool just like i3PackTool made by abi jafar (janglapuk) with C++, the difference is this one is coded with C#(programming language that i'm more familiar with) and added additional features :
- reading txt files directly from app(including decoding/encoding string.i3Pack)
- playing .wav audio files
- playing .ogg audio files
- view .dds image files
- view .i3i image file (update)
just by double clicking the files to view/playing/editing *.txt files)

here's some pictures for editing txt files if you not familiar with this tool

for audio(ogg.wav) and image files(dds,i3i) just double click to view/playing the file

credit goes to :
- Abi Jafar A.K.A JangLapuk as the original maker of i3PackTool
- PROGRAMMATOR, Awiionand sojang

this application need more features to open or view some extensions, but time constraints and I'm still having problems to analyze the structure of some files with certain extensions
if any of you have knowledge and willing to share it here in the thread for the development of this application I am very grateful.

any bug or suggestion just comment below.
Тип файла: zip i3PackTool.zip (455.8 Кб, 345 просмотров)

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