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Автор темы (Топик Стартер) Re: i3PackTool with additional features

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need some modifications. DDS files are inside of the .i3i files. When clicking on i3i files just blank image opening
from my understanding DDS and i3i is a image files with different header in structure, but to view / edit i3i it must be converted to .dds first, in contrast to dds that can be directly displayed in the form of images without being first converted to i3i

this app have limitation for opening, view or edit some file with certain extension as i mention in #1 post, as for viewing i3i files i haven't complete the coding on that part, hopefully in next release

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and please can you compile or rebuild pef decryptor/editor? AbuJafar shared c++ source code but i cannot build it via visual studio 2012.
it needs 3rd party library to compile/build i3PackTool, go figure it out yourself. google is your friend
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