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Автор темы (Топик Стартер) Re: Серверные файлы LTP-Team (Установка, разработка сервера MuOnline)

New Update:

1.6.8 (Release date: 16.05.2021)

Fixed mobs stuck
Added web browser guide (F1 button) (Plugin price: 40$)
Moved client sources from visual studio 2010 to 2019 (need test, may cause some bugs)
Added some improvements in health bar system
Added protection to any dupe, based on wrong packets send to gameserver. May cause reconnects.
Added new character position interface (With disabled Mu Helper)
Added Disable Expanded Warehouse setting in maininfo.ini
Fixed teleport to Silent map when Custom Arena is disabled
Fix character class X position in Select Character scene
New Game Menu
made some post_item improvements made some item tooltip improvements
Added CustomMonsterGlow feature to MAIN_INFO
Added SummonMonster feature to Data/Custom/CustomMonster.txt
Delete CustomWing.txt limit
Added Imperial Guardian Secromicon rate settings
Added Custom Monster sound feature
Added feature for disabling MasterLevel rule in (BC, DS, IT)
Added "Event Start" features into GameServer
Added Monsters info with settings (enable/disable)
Disabled quest system monster kill message in chat, and added special panel for it, and added enable\disable function in game settings
Fixed item give after reset
some antihack update
Added in-game change resolution\font-size feature
Recoded "Game Options" interface
Fix duel arena town portal scroll use
Fixed flying dragon effect
Added "ShowMapName" respawn\kill message by BossIndex in InvasionManager.dat
Fixed 3D Camera in switch character

And much more!
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