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По умолчанию Re: Aion_Unique Ревизии (Последние сборки)

Rev.1313 Скачать
[1313] fixed quest script xml
[1312] Hotfix for round robin loot logic that could cause server hang
[1311] Quests: More Eltnen Quests!
[1310] sovled problem if droplist is empty, mob will not dissapear when u looting an...
[1309] Added skill element to skill templates (will be used in stat calculations).
[1308] - Magic Boost stat - Correct magic elementary resist added to damage calculat...
[1307] Magic stats, calcs work started - Added player wind,water,earth,fire resists,...
[1306] corrected MySQL5PlayerDAO in GS, thx Jelu
[1305] hotfix for LS in account DAO
[1304] [Skill engine] initial work on carving signet (runes) (Rune Carve, Rune Knife...
[1303] Added more missing spawns to Pandaemonium. thanks youli
[1302] Quests: Eltnen
[1301] Quests: More Eltnen Quests
[1300] [GS] removed "admin" column from players, access level is taken from LS table...
[1299] [LS] New column in account_data table - membership, that allows to define reg...
[1298] Fixed gathering skill not saving on levelup
[1297] - Player pdef, accuracy, evasion, parry, block stats correction. Off-hand acc...
[1296] Added missing NPC spawns in Pandaemonium. Thanks youli
[1295] [Skill engine] implemented effects that apply additional damage if target of ...
[1294] Craft factories spawns
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