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[2164] Quests by Rhys2002 and dune11
[2163] fixed for update player appearance after soulbinding
[2162] Kisk implementation patch, thx Sarynth
[2161] - corrected sequence of equip during soulbinding, fixed soulbound item packet...
[2160] Soulbinding patch, thx Blackhive
[2159] Added Right Wing Chamber instance
[2158] Fixed Asteria Chamber instance and corrected some instance's portals
[2157] Refactoring and some optimizations in broker. Changed save strategy for broke
[2156] Skills gives correct CASTING TIME. They were inverted duo to change in code.
[2155] fix for boost casting time bonuses, it was inverted
[2154] [Skill engine] Blind effect implemented (Blinding Burst, Blinding Light, Blin...
[2153] Updated skill templates which had incorrect speed stat boost values (Celerity...
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