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[2199] Increase drop chance of Corby's Necklace on Flinch mob
[2198] fixed time appearance of Kunberunerk in Sanctum
[2197] Removed npc Crios from Eltnen
[2196] Wailing Moroch time/day fix
[2195] fixed time appearance of Ragenon Souleater (only day)
[2194] [Skill engine] basic paralyze effect implemented (cant move/cant attack)
[2193] Item Remodel, thx Sarynth
[2192] Fix for item duplication exploit using forced logout after lock/confirm. Savi...
[2191] Added Azoturan Fortress instance
[2190] Fixed Azoturan Fortress portal
[2189] Little Taha portal fix
[2188] Added Sliver of Darkness
[2187] Added Aerdina and Sanctum Underground Arena loc.
[2186] Server-side item cooldowns
[2185] Added Kysis Chamber, Miren Chamber and Krotan Chamber instances
[2184] Abyss TP price fix (thanks Karnal) + Some spawn fix (thanks fadz)
[2183] Quest fix for : * A Mountain of Trouble * Gigrite's Drakie Problem * Killing...
[2182] retail-like messages for Kisks, thx wylovech
[2181] Improved broker category tree filtering: - stigma stones and skill manuals wi...
[2180] added class/level restrict data to item templates (will be used for additiona...
[2179] Added Dredgion instance
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