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REV.224 Скачать

[224] task from db
[223] Remove Shock repair
[222] Body guard implementation
[221] refreshingthesprings fixes, need update table for bugged players (var > 11)
[220] Quest 4937 fix
[219] Deleted aggro of GENERAL npcs.
[218] fix the stats the summon thx Asanka
[217] -New NpcType : CHEST . The CHEST are the chest who need keys to be opened. -N...
[216] Configs cosmetic. Thx for adm cosmetic to Khaos
[215] delete double spawn in Gelkmaros
[214] fix the bug stats the summon
[213] -Fix Teleports Pandaemonium - Gelkmaros and Sanctum - Inggison
[212] fix of Old wooden Box npc type. Thx to messi
[211] Optimizing ...
[210] Fix fly zone in Inggison and Gelkmaros
[209] Optimzing ...
[208] Fixed a lot of siege spawns in Gelkmaros.
[207] fix the spawn of chest instance fortress implementation of all portal in sile...
[206] cm_ping audit rule should not dc players by default
[205] little fix prev commit.
[204] Fix Gather z and h in Inggison and Gelkmaros
[203] Wrong race and tribe fix. Thank to Samael
[202] Npc 798436 fix. Thank to Shaman
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