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As most of you guys saw, we have a new forum and this has one reason.

The reason why we moved to closed source is just because many people are only updating from our source, but aren’t amounting anything to get the source advanced. We are also loosing many developers, because open source isn't anymore what it was some months ago. It is in these times where a community needs many helpers and that wasn’t in Aion-Lightning yet. There was many shouting and many criticism about our team in the last few weeks and now, some developers lost their motivation to develop in open source anymore. We wanted an unique community but we saw this isn’t possible anymore and the only way to get AL alive is to make it closed source. We never wanted a closed source, but it was in your hands to got a united source and you/we didn’t reach this goal. We aren’t saying that all of you guys are only “leechers”, but many of you guys were only updating and weren’t helping us to reach AL’s goals. We are sorry but there isn’t another way to get Aion-Lightning alive. But you are still free to create a new closed source project with your own team.

We wish you best regards,
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