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Работа с геодатой Разработка и правка Геодаты для ява серверов.

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Автор темы (Топик Стартер) Error in creat 17_25.l2j Ertheia v607

here is the guide

G16ed (A heightmap editor that works directly with the UEd3 G16 format (16-bit greyscale.))

UTPackage (extract)

Unreal Engine 2 Editor (Create UTX)

L2J-GeoEditor (Convert to L2J format and create the PathNode)

HEX Editor - (I use UEStudio or Ultraedit)
Download: Find it on the web :P

Important: In this example I will use the map T_22_19, but applies the same procedure for any map.

First we need to extract heightmap images from UTX files (T_22_19.UTX, T_22_20.UTX etc.)

    * Put this file T_22_19.UTX in UTPackage/Textures and execute "unpack.bat"
    * Open UTPackage/RAW folder and find the file 22_19.raw
    * Open this file with Ultraedit and search (Ctrl + f) for "40 80 10", the first byte after this string is the start of the heightmap image.
    * Copy this address, in this case is 107h
    * Open the windows calculator and switch to "Scientific" mode, select "Hex" and input "107", select "Dec" and now you have "263".
    * Open G16ed, go to "File -> Import -> RAW data, search for 22_19.raw and in the field "Data start offset" input "263" and click in Input, Ok, Ok.
    * Go to "File -> Save (Ctrl + S)" and use the name of the map for your new image (22_19.BMP). Now you have a perfect G16 heightmap image.

Now we need to create an UTX file with the image that we have saved.

    * Open UnrealEd and in the windows "Textures" go to "File -> New" and complete the fields.

 Info -> Package: T_22_19, Group: Height, Name: 22_19, Class: Raw Material
 Properties -> MaterialClass: Class"Engine.Texture" (Select Texture from drop-down)

    * Go to "File -> Import" and select the image 22_19.BMP and ensure that the fields are correct.

 Info -> Package: T_22_19, Group: Height, Name: 22_19
 Options -> Masked: uncheck, Generate MipMaps: uncheck, Detail Hack?: uncheck, Compression: none

    * Go to "File -> Save" and save this file as T_22_19.utx.

Now we can create our Geodata using Stazis L2 Geo Converter (GeoConv)

    * Navigate to the Textures folder in the game, rename your original T_22_19.utx to T_22_19_O.utx and put in this folder our new T_22_19.utx
    * Open GeoConv and change this params.

Min Plane Angle to XY: 20, Stairs Height: 10, Optimization Different: 80

    * Click "Open Packages" and select 22_19.unr in "Lineage II/MAPS", allow the process to finish and now you have your GEO 22_19_conv.dat in the folder "Lineage II/MAPS".
    * Convert this GEO to L2J format and create the PathNode with L2j GeoEditor or HDGE.

Known Issues

    * Some geodata are not correctly generated or can't be generated.
    * Using "Stairs Height: 10" can cause problems with the stairs (If you use "8" check all the stairs in the map for correct NSEW).
    * ...

Guide taken from
when i creat the 17_25.bmp, i find the image which export is incorrect, and complete to creat T_17_25.utx to use GeoConv to output l2j file when it loading Ertheia_landM02 the GeoConv window was hold and can not get l2j file, anyone can help this, many thanks.
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