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Point Blank (Piercing Blow)
Общие вопросы по написанию эмулятора. General questions on developing emulator. При поддержке: Lucera 2 - разработка Java Interlude

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Непрочитано 08.11.2018, 15:36   #1

Автор темы (Топик Стартер) PBProject Client use PB BR Current

I am creating an emulator of the beginning, using the client of PointBlank Brasil (ongame), until the login I managed to log in, but I have not yet made the list of the server !, had change in question of Cryptography


I have two doubts with packet.

1. in the login packet when I am going to create structure, the header is giving difference, the Header is 4 bytes 2 ushorts and the op 2. I can move everything in the packet more if it changes that it will not, and also does not make sense The size of the packet being 35 00 And instead of 00 gets 80, The packet will not go without that 80 And it neither belongs to the size.

2. Is it possible to get opcode for the package? how can I find out?

descrypt packet pb client br version Current :

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