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Lineage II
Дискуссии на тему создания, настройки и обслуживания серверов Lineage 2. При поддержке: Премиум услуги по рекламе

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Непрочитано 20.09.2008, 22:51   #1

Автор темы (Топик Стартер) Пожскажите насчот сборки

Народ кому не трудно скажите что за сборка L2EmuProject Rev 1.1.3
П.С.хотя бы какие хроники

Добавлено через 3 часа 12 минут
Спасибо самому себе разобрался ето ИТ
вот ее обновления :
L2Emuproject Timeline changelog
Changeset 1.1.3 (15 June)

=========================== ============
Revision 1.1.3 Fixes Addons and Updates :
============================== =========

- Fixed Skills: Big Boom,
Dance of Shadow,
Blessing of Seraphim,
Gift of Seraphim,
Blessing of Queen,
Gift of Queen,
Cure of Queen,
Curse of Shade,
Mass Curse of Shade,
Shade Sacrifice,
Cursed Blow,
Cursed Strike.
Heavy Armor Mastery
ligth armor mastery
triple slash

- Fixed SP costs of some Skills
- Updated All Armors Order Values
- Updated minions.
- 'Out Of Use' mobs cleanup.
- Etcitem name fix.
+ Added fishing tutorial.
+ Added Monster Derby Track as a peace zone.
- Blacksmith: 1000_topduals. Important fix.
- Fixed Clan Update Online when you incresease clan level.(by Scar69).
- Fixed Charge Skills Message bug, now server checks if it is the last lv of charge and send message "Already Charged to Maximum). (By
-Fixed Server Don't Save Buylists and DropLists Online.(By L2Emu team)
+ Added Give Adena command in admin painel.(by GR)
- Fixed Set Level Animation, now Server updates all char stats on the fly.(By GR).
+ Added the Noblesse teleport System All Created by L2emu team.(90% Need the DP Side).
- Fixed 3rd class change are now from Class Masters.(by Scar 69)
- Fixed spoil bad messages.
- Fixed Fake Death.
- Fixed player using Formal Wear not equip weapons and not atack (By Scar 69)
+ Now the Cammon craft and the Dwarven Craft Recipe Limit are configurable(thx eXtremalas)
+ Implemented Mana Damange.(By GR)
- Fixed Skill Trees.
- Added hero itens no sellable.
- Added C4 Mobs Aggro.
- Added Newbie Exchange Itens.
- Fixed player Ride Now weapons are disarmed when mount a pet.
- Fixed clan leader dont appear in clan list, now appears
- Added All hero stuff to non Sellable itens.
- Added Managers for all System Functions for Better Performance.
- Lil fix on skill spellbooks table.
- Removed : "I have nothing to say to you " for "I Have no tasks for you at this time" messages (Official Ones).
- Added some config inporovements .
- Fixed Monument of Heros Radius and Heigth.(Thx Luis)
- Removed Puss The cat spawn from main spawnlist and added in optional Folder.
- Minor Reward Update on QuestReward for Quest : 354.
+ Added GM SHOP and Luxury GK on installer to avoid buf reports of "GM SHOP dont work ! lol.
+ Added Some Missing Spawns in Aden Territory.

+ Added Quests : 171 Acts of Evil
356 Dig Up The Sea Spores.
355 Family honor
299 Gather Ingredients for Pie.
341 hunting for wild beats
343 under the sahow of the ivory tower
345 Method to Raise the dead.
368_TrespassingIntoTheSacredAr ea
19_ go to pastureland
351_Black Swan
352_help hood raise a new pet

- Updated Quests : path to an orc Raider
letters of love
miner's favor
long live to the lord of flame
into the city of humnas
letter to dark elf
once again in the shadow of the ivory tower.
an arrogant Search,(thx Tofiz)
501 Proof of clan allliance (By Hyperion)

+ Added Some Missing Weapons and Armors to lilith knigths.(Thx Luis)
+ Added Full Client Side for Custom addons .
+ Added C4 Official Full DropList for RaidBosses.(By GalaxyNET)
+ Added a Txt. all newbie itens exchangers npcs.
+ Added Exchange of Newbie Items.
- Fixed Catas and Necro Stats.(By Hyperion)
+ Added Support Beast SoulShot and SpiritShot.
+ Fixed Pets Stats, xp and sp gain.
+ Updated all Seven Signs System.
+ Updated Global Chat System now can be configured by area.
+ Added NPC Buffer .
+ Improved Mob AI .
- Fixed Admin GM Shop and GM Shop HTML.
+ Added Support C4 Spawns in Admin Painel(By Hyperion)
+ Added Support GM Skills in Admin Painel.(By JimF)
- Reworked Over 100 Htmls on Trainers for petter performance in dialogues.(By JimF)
- Fixed Player Can't Learn Skills on Masters After 3RD Class.
+ Moved Some Debug Messages only in Debug Mode, for a Console CLean up. (by GR)
- Fixed Admin give adena in admin Painel.
- Fixed admin unpara and paara all comand.
- Moved Some System Messages to Client Side.
- Fixed IP Banning.
- Updated Admin Panel.(by GR)
- Moved valentines Event zip to optional folder.
- Fixed Dusk and Dawn Priest Weapons.
- Updated Innadril Artifict Stats.
- Fixed target of skills corpse plague and Corpse burst.
- Fixed C4 Summon buff disapeared in last version.
- Fixed Admin don't view all Mob Drops.
- Fixed Gatekeepers Ziggurat's
- Updated RaidbossSpawmManager System for better Performance.
- Added and Fixed RaidBosses Weapons (Thx Chacina).
- Added Devil's Pass Spawnlist (Thx Biti)
- Updated Pets Data (Thx Biti)
- Added Wall of Argos Spawnlist (Thx Biti and Elgor).
- Updated Servitor Cure and Servitor Skills
- Added Useful Srcipts for Character Management(by Spiridonas)
- Reworked all Admin GM Shop Added New Options , new Itens and Adena Creation.
- Fixed count of Crystals when item is enchanted or Crystalized.
- Added Say Filter to convert bad words in ^_^ for a clean Chat (by Scar69)
- Added A Standard Hexid in GS config Folder to avoid Problems of Registrations or Disconnections beteween gs and ls.
- Fixed Revival Skill and Seed Time = Official now (by GR)
- Improved Broadcast Range
- Decreseased CPU usage
- Implemented some new targets
- Fixed Wrong Auto Soulhot/spiritshots/blessed Spiritshots Recharge task.
- Fixed Polearm Freeze.
- Fixed : Mob Run After first kill.
- Updated AI and Fixed some AI tasks.
- Modified CHARGE_DAM skills now they use soulhots.(tyrant and glads)
- Added Support Lastest NCSoft client (need to update your clients to be able to login.)
- Fix for summon auto shoulshot.
- Added Support New effects for arcana Skills.(Core and DP)
- Added opition in alt setting to configure max players in party for signs festival.
- Added NPC Buffer quest (thx Submircon)
- Added init implement for Manor Manager.(by Scar69)
- Added Full Seeds for Manor Manager.(By GalaxyNET)
- Added Corect effects for item consupmition skills:
- Summons e etc.
- Added Olympiads System (intial Implementation not fully yet)
- Added new Jail System
- Added Safe Reboot Function to Avoid Some Reboot Eploits
- Fixed Player can't view Summon /Pet Buffs .
- Added Fallen Orcs Spawnn (by topper)
- Fixes to some factions (by Aiki)
- Festival fees now matching retail (tnx echnic)
- Added Alternative Setting for Config Max Players on a Clan War.
- Fixed 0 Damage When Hitting CP.(by Dadummy's)
- Finished Division of GS AND LS.(by Dadummy's)
- Fixed SubClass(Now Character in subclass can get the 3rd class correctly)
- Added Alt settings for number of days before create/join new clan
- Added Alternative Settings for Olympiadsby (by evil33t)
- Seperated craft cost from item consumption costs (by evil33t)
- Added Newbie Itens Exchange to traders.(by evil33t)
- Added a Myssing System Message when player try to drop a iten non dropable(By GR)
- Added OfficialDroplist (by GalaxyNET)
- ManorSystem 80 % done (by Scar69)
- Added Custyom Weapons in opitional Folder (by jimF)
- Intial Inplementation of All Admin Skills (By GR)
кому закочется скачать ссылка-> _http://www.storageserver.co.uk/files/369/l2emuproject_rev_1.1.3.exe.html

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