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Point Blank (Piercing Blow)
Общие вопросы по написанию эмулятора. General questions on developing emulator. При поддержке: Lucera 2 - разработка Java Interlude

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Автор темы (Топик Стартер) Re: String.i3pack encoding/encryption

@PROGRAMMATOR or anyone else who know this better, can you explain the process to pack/unpack the files back to i3Pack ext ?

here's what i have done
- unpack string.i3pack with i3pack tool
- decode and save all the files to local disk for read as plain text
- edit some text (eg: remove some item name to get the id without removing item description, just to match it with
packet 523,525,527 from piercing shark)
- encode it back using shift method describe here
- pack it back to single files using method
Свернуть ↑Развернуть ↓

at first i think im done but when i try to replace the original files with mine the game give error (AICharacter_xxx.txt) and close, but if i just replace the .txt using i3pack tool with the file i encoded, game run without any problem

did i miss something here ?

PS: i know i3pack tool is all you need for file editing, but i just want to challenge my coding skills before step to next level (fixing or working/writing server), i dont want to spam questions about server without knowing the basic
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