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По умолчанию Re: Aion_Unique Ревизии (Последние сборки)

rev. 1408


[1408] Excuse moi forgot to inject PunishmentService it
[1407] Optimized sending packet SM_SET_BIND_POINT.
[1406] Removed send Legion memberlogin message on enter world.
[1405] Added a few checks to //legion to prevent useless changes.
[1404] Small correction for Punished Players Logout.
[1403] //legion setname/setlevel/setpoints also work when legion is not
[1402] Moved all teleport related methods to TeleportService. Changed PunishmentController to PunishmentService.
[1401] [Skill engine] - Stumble effect implemented - Silence effect implemented - Separated restriction of using skill and applying it on target in restriction manger, in prison skills are forbidden. - Improved packet SM_ABNORMAL_EFFECT with correct effect state + refactored EffectId, thx sweetkr for info - Added STUMBLE spell status to SM_CASTSPELL_END packet to have stumble animation.
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