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По умолчанию Re: Aion_Unique Ревизии (Последние сборки)

Rev.1425 Скачать

[1425] Improvement for the isInPrison check.
[1424] Corrected mistakes for //rprison and //sprison.
[1423] - Protected active time changed to 1 min and on move or skill usage will be a...
[1422] Changed CacheMap into Fastmap for PunishmentService
[1421] Improved protection active state. Now it will last for 10 secs after spawn. T...
[1420] log loading configs
[1419] slightly refactored equipment process
[1418] do update SM_STATS_INFO when flying or gliding only
[1417] Fixed a NPE for LegionEmblem
[1416] Small correction for groupservice.
[1415] Improved loot system. Fixed "Corpse is already being looted".
[1414] [Skill engine] Stagger initial implementation (no knockback yet). Added all s...
[1413] Quests: 52 Quests Eltnen-Ty Hilgert
[1412] - Fix for rate buffs/debuffs that do not change stats (ex. Priest's Blessing ...
[1411] Removed unused method from TeleportService
[1410] Quests: 72 Eltnen Quests tnx To Hilgert(were tested)
[1409] Quests: Bursthonin Quests-Abyss Rewards are missing! Tnx to R.0.K for this qu...
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