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REV.1743 + Spawn&Drop СКАЧАТЬ

[1743] [Skill engine] Spell attack drain effect implemented for skills : Cursed Touc...
[1742] fix update sql
[1741] fix for classcastexception in SM_TARGET_SELECTED
[1740] [Skill engine] Provoker effect implemented for skills : Absorb Vitality, Indo...
[1739] - another fix for despawn
[1738] - improved out of range despawn
[1737] mailbox pool=1
[1736] [Skill engine] improved aggro/hate system. All skills that have hostile up ef...
[1735] wrong delete. fixed now
[1734] wrong Mailboxes spawns, ty feeze
[1733] Added instances in world_maps.xml, death level checked later. Now you are abl...
[1732] More Clean UP, finded by stpavel
[1731] Duplicated Quests Clean up, ty stpavel for letting us know
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