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Rev. 2105 Скачать

[2105] Fix on template and added few more missing mob near Cliona lake
[2104] Added Few Bigfoot Kerubar it doesn't have a lot on retail that all i've got o...
[2103] Fix For Tursin Loudmouth Level template (level 8 and 9 one)
[2102] Fix the Correct ID of Dukaki Lumberjack for relation tribe work
[2101] More Fix on Poeta - Deforested Area
[2100] [Skill engine] fixed dispel debuff physical and mental effects - should remov...
[2099] Automatic Announcement System, thx Divinity
[2098] Poeta fix - Kabarah Strip Mine (edit Npc template for right Level and fix pos...
[2097] game server connection to chat server, disabled by default
[2096] Fix Some pet Stat from retail info - still need get other pet info
[2095] manastone failure rates config, thx Rhys2002
[2094] Retail like instance entering (every player should enter individually), thx Jego
[2093] fix for Miraju's holy ground fly zone, thx Jego
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