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По умолчанию Re: Aion_Unique Ревизии (Последние сборки)

REV 2570 Клиент 1.9 Скачать

[2570] Now mob don't aggro if level = 10 level lower of the player. Thx Jego.
[2569] Allow to set all 1.9 Legion Emblems. Thanks ginho1.
[2568] Thx Jego for this patch.
- The blue cloud is only visible for people who have loot rights.
- After someone checked the loot list everyone gets loot rights.
- If the loot list is empty you will still be able to see the list.
- Rewritten the round robin loot.
- When a group gets created the basic settings are Round robin and roll for superior or higher.
[2567] Trap update getLevel to match creator's level (instead of npc level 1.) Important for calculateEffectResistRate.
[2566] Modification to TrapAI to properly broadcast SM_CASTSPELL_END.
[2565] All poeta quests checked and fixed
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