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Автор темы (Топик Стартер) Re: Помогите установить геодату на зборку la2 gracia final l2td 2.1

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А что у тебя в файле geodata.ini ?
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# GeoData - L2EmuProject
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

# Default: False
AcceptGeoeditorConn = False

# GeoData options:
# 0 = GeoData and PathFinding OFF (default)
# 1 = GeoData is used to check Line Of Sight (LOS) targeting and
# L2Playable movement. You need to download files for GeoDataRoot folder.
# Monsters can pass walls but not aggro (no line of sight) through them.
# 2 = Full GeoData enabled. Includes PathFinding (requires also GeoDataRoot
# files if CellPathFinding not enabled) and all character moves go through
# GeoData checks (if a mob passes a wall, PathFinding didn't find a route
# but we allow attack and returning home).
# Recommended server memory minimum 1,5 GB, rather 2 GB.
# Default: 0
GeoData = 2

# Cell-level PathFinding, produces more accurate routes but is (maybe 10x) heavier to calculate. Recommended for small servers at least.
# If False, PathNode files are used. Uses a max number of nodes in calculation which can be adjusted in the algorithm if it needs to be faster.
# Default: False
CellPathFinding = True

# True = Loads GeoData buffer's content into physical memory.
# False = Does not necessarily imply that the GeoData buffer's content is not resident in physical memory.
# Default: True
ForceGeodata = True

# If you want to run 2 GS from one computer it's very useful.
# Example: GeoDataRoot = E:\L2TD[GraciaFinal]_2.1\server\L2Server\data\geodata
# Here... You must put your GeoData and PathNode folder.
GeoDataRoot = E:\L2TD[GraciaFinal]_2.1\server\L2Server\data\geodata
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