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Прочие онлайн игры и эмуляторы их серверов. Other online games and emulators.

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Автор темы (Топик Стартер) Share:ForsakenWorld | Repack by: phprap

Шаг 1
Cистемные требования:

Ubuntu 11.10 desktop x64
Ubuntu 11.10 Server x64

Шаг 2

1 - sudo passwd root / Create root pass
1° - su root / login as root
2 - apt-get update
2° - apt-get upgrade
3 - apt-get install openssh-server
4 - apt-get install openjdk-6-jre
5 - apt-get install apache2
6 - apt-get install mysql-server
7 - apt-get install php5
8 - apt-get install php5-mysql
9 - apt-get install phpmyadmin
10 - apt-get install mc
11 - apt-get install ia32-libs
Шаг 3
Скачиваем файлы сервера:

Пароль на архив:

Шаг 4
Скачиваем клиент и патчи:

Full Client V0.75
Patch V0.75 > V0.84

Минигид по установке сервера:
use step 1°, Download and install ubuntu

use step 2°, Execute all commands in terminal

use step 3°, Download Server files Repack and Send to ubuntu

Step 4°, Change ips in
>>>>>>> /root/phprap/gamed/gmserver.conf
>>>>>>> /root/phprap/gamed/gs.conf

Step 5°, Change pwd in
>>>>>>> /etc/table.xml
>>>>>>> /var/www/config.php

Step 6°, Access http://your_ip_ubuntu/phpmyadmin/
>>>>>>> Execute sql files, FW_tabels.sql, FW_procedures.sql

Step 7° Send all lib to folder /lib and /lib32

Step 8° Execute privileges 0777
>>>>>>> chmod -R 777 /root
>>>>>>> chmod -R 777 /usr/java
>>>>>>> ldconfig /lib
>>>>>>> ldconfig /lib32

Step 9° Create account
>>>>>>> http://your_ip_ubuntu/register/

Step 10° Start Server, execute in Terminal
>>>>>>> cd /root
>>>>>>> ./start

Step 11° Install Client and patch, change ip
>>>>>>> \Forsaken World\update\server.lua

Если при старте гейм сервера возикает следующая ошибка
./gs: symbol lookup error: ./gs: undefined symbol: _Z17LoadTasksFromPackP14elementdatamanPKcS2_S2_P9l ua_State
Исправляем в терминале ее так:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/lib
Добавляем права администратора:

call addGM (ID , 1) > ADD GM

call usecash (ID , 1, 0, 19, 0, 1000000, 1, @error) > ADD CASH
Необходимый софт:

Gshop Edit > pwd: kaixin / chinese version by: mcncc

Gshop Edit > eng version / post by: nofxpunkerbrian

FW_Item_Reader > post by: MorzE edit
> by chinese

pcktoolv1.0 > by chetoss, russo

Установка рейтов:

After some messing around with the files on different O/S's best O/S to select from is RedHat, not only will you come across issues with Realm Name but Immortal Rift, Instance Timers and also some AI Scripts will not load correctly.

So yeah stick with RedHat, I have not tried Centos however, maybe it will also run nice on this due to the binaries being similar?

Modifying Rates without IWeb or ASM!
If you use the sEledit I released earlier on through the thread you will be able to modify and save file successfully so please use this when following the guide.

To edit... Soul Coin Rate, Drop Rate and Experience Rate you only need to follow the below guide, there are only 2 Lists to modify so not much work to do. As far as making the work faster this is upto you, grab sEledit Source and write something to read the list and modify the fields 1 by 1 x by the amount you require.

- Go to List 19 (Monsters)
- Go to Field Number: 183
- This Field is the Drop Loop basically this is the count it uses to loop the Drop Tables selected over and over.
- x this by any amount you require.

Soul Coins:
- Go to List 19 (Monsters)
- Go to Field Numbers: 197, 198, 199, 200
- These fields are the Soul Coins rate.
- x this by any amount you require.

You need to edit 2 tables 1 for the amount and 1 for the Level Experience Limit.

- Go to List 19 (Monsters)
- Go to Field Number: 75
- This is the experience the monster will give.
- x this by any amount you require.

Now for the Level Exp Limit for example at level 1 the max exp you can gain from a mob kill is 3 experience.

- Go to List 51 (Upgrade Curve)
- Go to Field Number: 2602
- This is the beginning for Level 1 all the way down is the rest of the levels so from 2602-2682 is lvl 1-80.
- x each field downwards by the amount you require.

IWEB Edit Level, Exp, etc..

With the server powered on, Open your terminal and run the commands

>>>>>> chmod -R 777 /opt
>>>>>> cd /opt/jakarta/bin
>>>>>> ./

IWEB ON!, Now go to the game and see the ID of your character.

Now Log out your account to edit the character
переходим по ссылке:

Сервер авторизации

Гейм сервер
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У кого-нибудь остались файлы к этой шаре или другие?? Скиньте пожалуйста
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