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Игровой клиент Есть вопросы по поводу редактирования dat, utx и других файлов клиента, пожалуйста, задавайте их здесь.

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Автор темы (Топик Стартер) Newline pays for its interface service!

Hi everyone!

I introduce mysself. My name is Martin and I am the CEO of Newline Games. (In development:

Currently i find myself looking for someone HIGHLY skilled to work with the Lineage II interface. Specifically in the CHRONICLE ERTHEIA.
Them who are interested can work in one of the greatest projects of L2 joining officialy to our great development team.

First it is important to clarify that (if its possible) we need a person with much free time (since we pretend a constant development on the client).
Although (if it is not the case) we will not stop its development about the most critical tasks (Four taks). We mention them below:

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________________________

1- HP/CP/MP bar above the characters (Ally green color [IMAGE A] - Enemies red color [IMAGE B] - NPC [IMAGE C])




2- Mini map/Radar (of our two custom maps) STATICS. With some "basic functions".

A) It must be Highlighted: NPCs, green color ally minions, red color enemy minions, grey color neutral minions.
B) Turrets, inhibitors, nexus, altars, etc. With an own image (they must disappear from the map when they are destroyed)
C) Allies (our party) always appeared in green color, now the enemies must appear in red color.

Ally minions, enemy minions, neutral minions.
Structures, turrets, inhibitors, nexus, altars, etc.
Enemy characters (these must be seen only with a certain distance).

3- Instance Interface - The objective is putting the information of: amount of kills every team has, game time and the life of "X" NPC in real time.

Additional Information:

- Task number one, two and three are totally developed by NCSOFT but in the GRAN CRUSADE chronicle. (Need to be implemented in Ertheia).
- Task number four is actually in Ertheia we only need to link it.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

- The project is absolutely serious and it is near of its fifth year of development. So we need reliable and trustworthy people.
- Our team has more than thirty members. We all work on SCRUM (Agile software development) under JIRA platform.
- The max period of delivery to the above mentioned tasks have to be minor than 2 months.
- The work is freelance (since the hard core of our team is currently in South America).
- Payment methods and budgets will be discussed always in private and before the development (obviously).

This is the priority at the moment, if you have any other doubt just contact us. We are here to help you.
Below are my social media for the ones who will want to contact me.

SKYPE: pj-samm
DISCORD: Redline#2181
Тип файла: jpg img1.jpg (29.0 Кб, 42 просмотров)
Тип файла: jpg img2.jpg (31.2 Кб, 36 просмотров)
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Тип файла: jpg img4.jpg (12.3 Кб, 35 просмотров)
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