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Серверная часть Обсуждения вопросов по установке и настройке эмулятора Aion-Emu, для совершенно новой и необыкновенно красивой игры - Aion.
Описание темы:Только ссылки на новые ревизии!

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Непрочитано 22.02.2010, 06:40   #31

Exclamation Re: Aion_Unique Ревизии (Последние сборки)

Сборка 1185
Зеркало 1185
1185 - SM_LEGION_INFO fix.
1184 - Fixed bug with calculations of weapon mastery effect, now values should be correct.

Добавлено через 13 часов 5 минут
Сборка 1191
- 1191 Fix for increase kinah of seller
- 1190 Solved legion disappear after create and relog.
- 1189 Optimized private store.
- 1188 Fixed the Legion Emblem problem.
- 1187 Added Private Store(Enable/Disable by config) Fixed Disband.
- 1186 Small legion packet fix

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Непрочитано 23.02.2010, 04:27   #32
Аватар для ViAl

По умолчанию Re: Aion_Unique Ревизии (Последние сборки)

Скомпилированная сборка Aion-Unique Rev.1201
[1192] SVN Ignore: .gcjbuilder
[1193] New settings for commons + SVN Ignores
[1194] A bigger java-doc cleaning and white spaces, nothing extra, only readable.
[1195] AEInfos: This class is for get/log system informations.
[1196] AbstractLockManager moved to commons.
[1197] Commons update.
[1198] Using commons utils for Restart/Shutdown.
[1199] Small correction for Legion Disband
[1200] fixed teleport usage delay exploit when being attacked by monster
[1201] Removed caching for legionmembers(Solved kick/leave problem). Fixed count sel...
Сборка проверена, работает.
ViAl вне форума
Непрочитано 24.02.2010, 11:34   #33

Exclamation Re: Aion_Unique Ревизии (Последние сборки)

Сборка 1214
- 1214 Added LegionMember caching again. And fixed it properly. No legions or members will disappear anymore.
- 1213 Small improvement of CM_BUY_ITEM
- 1212 Small CM_DIALOG_SELECT improvement.
- 1211 fixed aggression desire of npc ai so they will not attack friendly players in the presence of enemies.
- 1210 fixed aggro of asmo guards to own race (old bug with aggro). Known issue is that some guards are not aggro correctly. This will be enhanced later.
- 1209 small improvement in cast spam prevention, thx sphinx
- 1208 Guards will attack other race players - gift to 23 feb celebration
Please recheck player-npc interactions.
- 1207 Optimized Private Store a bit.
- 1206 fixed compilation problem
- 1205 reshanta monster spawns corrections by COBETHUK
- 1204 SM_MESSAGE Correction (added isSysMsg() - can read chat for all races or only between races)
- 1203 fixes of z coordinates for gatherables in theomobos, thx COBETHUK
- 1202 Small correction for loading legion emblem.
starry вне форума
Непрочитано 24.02.2010, 20:36   #34

Exclamation Re: Aion_Unique Ревизии (Последние сборки)

to AlexDa
обсуждение сборок здесь

Сборка 1220

- 1220 Optimized Legion saving.
- 1219 Added SM_CONSUME_DP, solved underflow (increase dp abnomally when spam dp skill).
- 1218 Stat fix patch by kosyachok, including improved formulas for crit/dodge/block/parry calculations. Needs testing and feedback.
- 1217 Removed log message from dispather.
- 1216 Task manager separate thread pool (should improve performance), thx sphinx.
- 1215 Small correction for PrivateStoreService.
starry вне форума
Непрочитано 25.02.2010, 14:47   #35
Аватар для ViAl

По умолчанию Re: Aion_Unique Ревизии (Последние сборки)

Скомпилированная сборка Aion-Unique Rev.1222
Сборка проверена, работает.
ViAl вне форума
Непрочитано 25.02.2010, 16:38   #36

По умолчанию Re: Aion_Unique Ревизии (Последние сборки)

Server Aion-Unique Rev 1225
JOHNNICK вне форума
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Непрочитано 25.02.2010, 21:39   #37

По умолчанию Re: Aion_Unique Ревизии (Последние сборки)

Сборки уже в архивах - лист смотрите на
Taku вне форума
Непрочитано 26.02.2010, 10:03   #38

Exclamation Re: Aion_Unique Ревизии (Последние сборки)

Сборка 1233

- 1233 Fixed totalprice in privatestore.
- 1232 XP loss calculations patch by jangan.
- 1231 StatFix2 patch by kosyachok - now even more retail-like
Fixed problem with powershards not saving correctly when equipped stack was emptied.
- 1230 classpath...
- 1229 Added several dummy skill effects so absence of them will not interfere other effects.
- 1228 Fixed drop from quest npcs (npe in
- 1227 Added SM_LOGIN_QUEUE.
- 1226 Equip message correction.
starry вне форума
Непрочитано 27.02.2010, 12:30   #39
Аватар для Romanz

По умолчанию Re: Aion_Unique Ревизии (Последние сборки)

rev.1251+ патч на краски скачать

[1251] updated player_experience_table with more correct values, thx jangan
[1250] Excuse moi. Wrong order
[1249] ..
[1248] removed unused import
[1247] Changed missing priest rewards.
[1246] 10 sec delay when force quit, thx sphinx. Probably later need to add configur...
[1245] Correct some packet. Delete not used
[1244] Some fixes in offhand damage calculations and multihit. thx kosyachok Removed...
[1243] forgot to change npc enemy check in addition to rev1241. Need update
[1242] Simplified some Legion related things.
[1241] fixed buf/heal on non-aggressive monsters
[1240] Only one food effect will be applied
[1239] Changing map implementation in knownlist (should solve fastmap access nullpoi...
[1238] SM_ROOT -> SM_TARGET_IMMOBILIZE it should work with like stun, knockback, root
[1237] Changed //system command to //sys for easier usage. Changed java doc for shut...
[1236] Shutdown Rework, report any issue on forum. I tested, player datas saved for ...
[1235] Added a check if you are in a legion when you delete a character.
[1234] Fixed legion disband error for newly created Legions.

Добавлено через 2 часа 39 минут
Rev.1253 + краcки+ альтернативный spawn/drop

[1253] New info loggers.
[1252] Rebuild quest_data.xml

p.s. незабываем жать СПАСИБО

Добавлено через 22 часа 11 минут
Rev.1270(1271 no complit)+ spawn/drop скачать
обновление библиотек Commns Rev.1270 скачать
[1270] min/max zero damage fix with log message, thx kosyachock
[1269] [Skill engine] Basic toggle skill support (like Shield Defense, Defensive Pre...
[1268] sry, I forgot other command
[1267] ...
[1266] Needed for GroupService
[1265] Added LegionMemberEx caching and fixed Character delete problem.
[1264] Little fix..
[1263] missed...
[1262] Fixed doubled damage from dual weapons and bonus stat not applied to physical...
[1261] Commons updated. Now we have similar versionning then l2j/l2j-free, if anyone...
[1260] Commons side, only one part needed.
[1259] Build.xml Update, now only java-side needed for versions
[1257] Here the files for version, later it's will needed for version.
[1256] Removed unused import
[1255] Skill list methods small refactoring. SkillLearnService from static to inject...
[1254] SM_STATS_INFO small correct
[1253] New info loggers.

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Непрочитано 01.03.2010, 15:54   #40
Аватар для zaqwer

Cool Re: Aion_Unique Ревизии (Последние сборки)

Вот: ( )
[1286] dye color fix, thx RotO
[1285] corrected values for AP gained/lost, thx sphinx
[1284] fixed heal skills that restore 100% of hp
[1283] reverted 1281 revision since this commit was not managed
[1282] [Skill engine] Always block effects (Shield of Faith, Divine
[1281] some spawns monsters added
[1280] More correct initial main hand power, pdef, parry, evasion, block,
[1279] [Skill engine] Always resist effects added (Focused Evasion, Nature's
[1278] [Skill engine] Wall of Stell skill implemented (always parry)
[1277] [Skill engine] implemented skills that have effect "always dodge
[1276] Introduced new StaticObject to represent craft machine spawns,
[1275] Small correction for loot messages
[1274] small refactoring of observers, added commons-lang
[1273] Added messages to looting
И (Сопру у автора посл. комента): не забываем ставить СПАСИБО
zaqwer вне форума
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