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Форум администраторов игровых серверов StormWall - Защита от DDos атак
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Аватар для lvs

Автор темы (Топик Стартер) Latest Update RepackV1.01

GS_CS now 100% work
All 10 summoner skills work
Server Does not crash
Summoner Can be created
Elbeland maps work
Elbeland Mobs work
Level 2 summoner wings no visual bug
All New Summoner items work including scrolls
Dataserver no system overflow errors & does not Delete Summoner Tables
All eventitembags all dropable items etc
All custom events working
All normal events working
All guild and party options 100% function
All Quests 100%
Refuge GateKeeper Enter During 3rd class quest work.
Summoner wings Chaos machine mix work for Level 1,2 not Tested for 3
Illusion Temple 1-5 working for 1st and 2nd class - not sure how to play this event
All Gates now working: Client fixed
Master (3rd classes) Can enter Chaos Castle 6
Summoner Damage Increases 100% Not very strong However
Summoner Stamina Increase Relog after 120hp
All episode 1 working
Preconfigured files, just change Ips, All files Cleaned and Exacty files I use.
Added Vip Subserver config and runs, Use SCF Vip Manager to add tables
Added Fixed WzAG - Removes packet log
Added ManaShield Fix
/move Nick map X Y 100% work
/item Command Work
Example /item 0 24 13 7 1 1 0 63
7= Option
1= Luck
1= Skill
0= Durability
63= Excellent Options

--Bugged or not configured right--
No Illusion Temple 6 For Master
Level for Master does not show
Master (3rd class) cannot enter Ds+7 and Bc+8
Wings level 1 and 3 for summoner visual bug
Master Skill tree not working
New Npc don't work
Summoner cannot be pked or pk others - I think database tables
Kalima Portles bug cannot see - most likely client side
When in Duel Cannot See Score - I think Client side I'm Fixing this.
Season 3 wings and s3 mix items can be Packet edited in Chaos Machine!!!!
MG skils Disappear - This is a hard one not sure if Client or Server Yet
When Summoner learn wizard spells and relogin skills disappear
Elf summon skills visual bug
Summoner Hp Bug max Hp for summoner is 120
Впринципе описание оригинальное, при желании можно кинуть на переводчик.
Скачать сервер: [HIDE="50"]_;9970507;/fileinfo.html%3CA%20href=%22;9970507;/fileinfo.html[/HIDE]
Скачать патч для клиента: [HIDE="50"]_;9884483;/fileinfo.html[/HIDE]

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По умолчанию Ответ: Latest Update RepackV1.01

а в этом сервере ItemDrop настроен или тоже скролы падают ?
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