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Автор темы (Топик Стартер) Re: Строим эмулятор B&S emulator from scratch

I already told you, take one thread and put all your questions there. Don't make a MESS on forum. OK? Moreover current thread is suppose to be guide-like, I strongly don't recommend you to put any dicussion here. Otherwise I will ask moderator to clean this thread up.

The answer you are looking for, there is no certain client. All information above is the same for all BNS versions. So doesn't matter what version you will choose, the login server, lobby always the same. The game part would be slightly different because of opcodes which are different for each update. The info above gives you basics to understand how things should work, but it never meant to be a source.

And you should understand too, why do you need a client without GG and Themida. First of all, full BNS encryption consists of RSA and Deffie-Hellman with Ripemd128 cipher which later is used to generate 16 bytes AES key, which will be used for main packets encryption. Got it? To get AES keys you don't need to reverse RSA stuff, you just need to write small hooker for AES Encryption function and you will get all of AES keys which are used in encryption process. Once you did it, you can decrypt all packets and see the structure... If you are good with C++ you can use MS Detour, if C# then use EasyHook. That's it.
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