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Автор темы (Топик Стартер) Re: TERA - развитие эмулятора не остановлено

пакеты ловить не надо, их можно вытащить из клиента, применив хак с библиотекой, подробнее ЗДЕСЬ
I have made a OpCode extractor for Tera Client. It's an improvement for @GoneUp work.

What it's can do more of @GoneUp ?

Auto-detect offset of OpCode Function (finded after offset of "I_TELEPORT")
Auto Output filename (from "Version:" of "ReleaseRevision.txt")
Don't need an injector, simply put DLL into Client\Binaries named ddraw.dll
Don't need to be compiled again because offset have changed

How use it ?

Download OpCode.dll from here
Put OpCode.dll into Client\Binaries
Rename OpCode.dll to ddraw.dll
Start TERA.exe (don't need to use launcher)
All window titled "TERA Hack - OpCode graber" was a message from dll
Message "Injected" : dll started
Message "Findeded OpCode function" : function finded
Message "OpCode extracted" : dll have finished
Wait 3~5 sec Tera Client was closed and cleanned
Delete OpCode.dll (or you will can't play)
Done, now you have a file "4605GF" (like this). Enjoy
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